Thefeedingpakistan has established new policies regarding charity care services.

As part of our charity care program, we request your help in identifying people who are eligible for free Ration bags for home.

The company will  provide support in any form.

 We hope that you will be able to help us assist in identifying people around you for anywhere, who qualify for the charity care program. 


Please contact us. if you can identify those who may be eligible.




Give generously involved  

to support us

TheFeedingPakistan efforts that provide life-sustaining humanitarian aid to people suffering from poverty, hunger and lack of resources around us.


 Your generous donation will provide food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine and other necessities to people in need.


Charities may be dedicated to one specific cause or a group of related causes.

We initiated with an aim to improve lives by ending hunger and tend to make our country a hunger free pakistan.

Our mission is to create awareness about the issues our country is facing with


Our charity's future objectives be to establish a crisis line, set up a shelter or educate women about how to stay safe. 

Our charity's activities are  devoted to its aim.


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